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  • Jillip Von Vonnie

    Black Harris? Looks white to me.

  • Stacy

    Use your talent to help othres, it’s really rewarding. See if there is a youth group who need help and teach them the kids how to be better skateboarders. You will probably get a lot of satisfaction from helping othres and they will really appreciate the time and attention a good skateboarder can give them. Try to keep smiling, go with the flow and remember that no matter how crap life can sometimes seem, someone else is always having a worse time. Make it your job to try and help them and that in turn will help you feel better too My other suggestion would be to take off for a year and travel. The world is a massive place and full of so many wonderful and exciting opportunities. You could volunteer in a developing country (great for paying it forward’) or Australia and New Zealand are warming up now for summer and are amazing places to visit. By the end of your travels you would have a much happier and clearer view of where you want life to take you.I sincerely wish you all the best x