Comune Run To The Hills Oct 12

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RUN TO THE HILLS – Mt. Madonna
EVENT DATE – OCT // 12 // 2012
(last chance to RSVP. we leave this friday)


COMUNE Presents: Motorcycles and Camping.


Mt. Madonna County Park, one of the most majestic of Santa Clara County’s regional park and recreation areas. This 3,688 acre park is dominated by the redwood forest so characteristic of the Santa Cruz Mountain range. To the east, the park overlooks the Santa Clara Valley, to the west, Monterey Bay. As the slopes of Mt. Madonna descend toward the valley, the landscape changes from redwood forest to oak woodland, dense chaparral and grassy meadows.


OCT 12th – 14th


leaving 8am Oct 12th. form 1300 factory place, Los Angele, CA 90013. Riding to Mt. Madonna in Santa Cruz CA.


Pabst Blue Ribbon Provided.


Space is limited.

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