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  • Mariana

    The problem with tinryg to do anything about climate change (yes, that’s a better term than global warming) is that we can’t do it on our own. Our government needs to help, but it won’t. Why? Because of the stock market. Because shares of a lot of firmly entrenched companies will devalue if we do what is needed to fix (or at least ameliorate) the problem.Now, with that out of the way, what needs to be done?:1. Our political leaders need to get together and tell us how serious the problem really is. On TV, because that’s where most Americans live.2. Right now, all new cars must get at least 40 mpg. Or better. It’s not hard, just make them lighter. The Constitution won’t let this be made into a law, so give HUGE tax breaks to companies that make cars like this and to people that buy them. Ditto for electric cars. 3. Shop as locally as possible. A huge amount of fossil fuel emissions are spewed into the air just by transporting goods from a great distance, like from China. 4. Start eating less meat (agribusinesses will fight to the death over this one), because our livestock industry contributes enormous amounts of both methane and Co2 into the atmosphere. There’s about 100 million cows in the US (300 million people). We’re as addicted to cows as we are to oil. Of course we’re not going to evolve into a country of vegetarians, but we could start eating less meat and also buying our meat and dairy and eggs from small local farmers, especially ones that raise grass-fed beef, which don’t contribute as much to climate change as do huge agribusinesses.5. The government must step in and subsidize solar and wind power. Big tax breaks for people who put solar panels on their houses and windmills in their yards. Etc.6. Make bio-diesel out of hemp and algae, not corn. And ethanol out of switchgrass, not corn. Our gas stations have become corn dispensing stations, with high fructose corn syrup in the junk food inside to feed us and corn-infused ethanol outside to feed our cars.7. Somehow get American businesses to make goods in the US again, employing American workers and making it easier for us to shop locally.8. No more palm oil in junk food. Go into a gas station/convenience store and read the ingredients on the candy bars and prepackaged cookies and so on. It’s very hard to find anything that doesn’t have palm oil in it, and palm oil represents about 10% of the climate change problem. How? Because tropical rain forests, which are huge Co2 holding tanks, are cut down to plant palm oil plantations, mostly to supply Americans with junk food (palm oil is also used to make bio-diesel, which is a bad idea). We are eating ourselves out of house and home, literally.9. Quit killing people and wasting oil and money in the Great Oil Wars. Wasting huge amounts of money and oil to control the substance that contributes more to climate change than any other is ridiculous. Peak Oil is why we’re doing this. For civilization to survive, HUGE changes are going to have to be made. Of course we’re not going to stop using oil right away, but we need to start using less of it in order to gain enough time so that we can figure out how to keep our civilization going when it does run out. And we should buy it, not kill for it. But in order to do all of the above, the less than 5% of the people who control 90% of the wealth in America will have to consider the health of the planet (and of the poor and middle class) to be more important than maintaining their own incredible wealth (how much money do they really need?), and I can’t see that happening. It’s too bad, because global warming is a common enemy that threatens us all. We could fight it, though, if we’d all get together and vote the Republicans and Democrats the heck out of there. Then maybe we could get a government that would help us out. Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you- Ye are many — they are few [1] Percy Bysshe Shelley (from The Masque of Anarchy, which was a source of inspiration for Gandhi)Shelley was right: there’s a lot more of us than their are of them. We ought to be able to get together and use our vote to elect people that are on our side (Big Government, Small Government, who cares? Does it really matter? What we need is a government, big or small, that’s ON OUR SIDE. But we won’t get one unless we get together and vote for it. Green Party.