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    Popsicle Stick BirdhouseBegin by making the sides of the house. Lay a row of stckis side by side touching each other. Next, glue a stick across the row on the top and another stick across the bottom (these will hold the walls together) let dry. Repeat this until you have 3 sides. For the 4th side, cut off 1 inch of a couple of (or three) stckis to make the opening for the birdhouse (use the shorter stckis in the center of this wall). Glue a stick across the top and across the bottom, over the to of the opening. Glue the four walls together and let dry. Make the roof by gluing popsicle stckis together, then gluing it to the base. When the glue is all dry and the house feels sturdy, get out the paints. Be creative and decorate the birdhouse. When the paint dries, varnish with a waterbased varnish. Fill the inside with birdseed and hang from your favorite branch!