Emerica Damn Am and Halloween Videos

By: | Wednesday, November 2, 2011 //

Emerica just sent over their edits from their Halloween demo at Active with Toy Machine, and from the Damn Am contest.

The Halloween edit is from Monday’s festivities at Active where Emerica co-demoed with Toy Machine. Ed was there assed out as an Asstronaut, Leo was the Crow, I think. Spanky was a non-butty astronaut, and The Boss just came as himself. Check that video out above.

Below is an edit from Emerica newcomers Travis Colden and Oscar Meza as they competed at Damn Am. Oscar’s got a Who’s Hot coming out in the new issue (currently hitting newsstands) and Trevor’s been making his presence widely known with his official Emerica welcome and his Mystery part.

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  • Felicite

    Back when Ed Templeton was actually skanitg and not painting bad art Marc Johnson and Arto Saari were once skanitg for them god bless Emerica. Stay Gold sucka!