Enjoi Fall 2011 Catalog

By: | Wednesday, August 24, 2011 //

Enjoi Fall 2011 Catalog

Enjoi skateboards posted their latest catalog of product online for your perusing. As always, the catalog features some of the best graphics currently available with new pro boards from Nestor Judkins, Louie Barletta, Cairo Foster, Jose Rojo, and Jerry Hsu amongst others.

The catalog also announces the new Pandas Poo tumblr, which has a whole pile of Internet panda poo for you to like, love and follow. Some of it is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), or safe for minors, so keep that in mind.

You know with the tweaked minds behind Enjoi and from the type of riders they have, there’s going to be a good amount of fun poking and hilarity to go around. Check out their catalog and feel free to pick up some enjoi product in your local skate shop.

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