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  • Safa

    Another thought: While the US *has* given a lot of coruenits a *lot* of money, quite a bit of money was given the form of loans that have never been repaid not even interest payments in some cases. Why not just demand payment in full with the all agreed (but crazy low) interest from the lot of them and cut them off from future aid. Put the money into *intensive* research and implementation of alternative energy and other means of freeing ourselves from the international market. It wouldn’t be a utopia, but it isn’t that now anyway. A good chunk of the planet doesn’t like us anyway. Lets get our own house in order and tell the rest of them to f*ck off. Not that I actually think any government intends to make good on the debt

  • Stella

    The photoshoot i did was AMAZING. I loved worinkg with Nichole and I can’t wait to do another shoot with her. She’s SO talented and so much fun to work with! MY mom and I had a blast, I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer! Thank you that you thank you Nichole! <3