Huf Commercial NO32

By: | Wednesday, November 2, 2011 //

Some of the Huf crew hit up some rocky terrain to film a little commercial for the footwear brand. Joey Pepper, Johan Stuckey, Dan Plunkett and Hufnagel himself hucked themselves over some natural tranny (not the streetwalking kind, mind you) and got buck. Plunkett’s beast.

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  • Sameer

    You remind me that the only csntoant in life is change and music will always be evolving. It’s to precious to ever go away. It brings such joy, it heals, it teaches, it uplifts when you’re down, it worships, is there anything music can’t do? I like your music because it’s so good and your lyrics are so real and now I discover you’re also a great writer. Forge on Bryan for the Lord is using you for sure. The struggle comes when we forget it’s about what He wants and not about what we want. Keep believing no matter what.