Interview with The Bones Brigade at Sundance

By: | Monday, January 30, 2012 //

Stacey Peralta and the whole Bones Brigade headed to Sundance to show their new documentary and they had time to do an interview while on the mountain.

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  • Stickins lame

    Meeting all these guys last weekend was a high point of my life. Thank you for all the years of inspiration.

  • Danny Cisneros

    Hello, my name is Danny Cisneros and I am here to tell you that skateboarding is alive and well, and that the boundaries of skateboarding are continually being challenged and progression is being made all over the world. I am 48 years old, born in Torrance Ca. and moved to Colo. at 7 years old. The first thing I wanted was a skateboard and it took me 3 years to convince my Mom to buy me one. I have been skating ever since and now married 25 years, and have 5 skateboarding children ( I AM WORKING ON A WORLD RECORD SKATEBOARDING HANDSTAND **OVER 35 MPH.**) in 2012 ( 40 years of evolution ). I skateboard on a regular basis and I am very inspired by my skateboarding brothers ( The Bones Brigade ) who had and have a passion for living and skateboarding. It is so inspiring to see film of these events and the passion of those who valued and captured these moments on film. It is because of those who skated and filmed these events that their is such a story to be told and shared. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IT TAKES THE SKATER TO PERFORM, BUT IT ALSO TAKES A ( very patient and determined) VISIONARY, HISTORIAN, AND ARTIST TO VALUE AND THEN CAPTURE THESE MOMENTS IN TIME…..THEN MANY YEARS LATER SHARE THEM WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. P.S. Thank you Stacy and crew for this film and to all those who have captured a part of my skateboarding life and have helped me to share it… ( G00GLE: Dan Cisneros skate ) To enjoy the insanity ! SHRED OR DIE…YOU TUBE… SKATELEGENDS.COM… Get board..Go skate!

  • therobster

    Rodney Mullen is articulate. Expresses himself masterfully.

  • Milan

    We’re interested!! But do you llraey have time to read our comments with all the fancy-smancy events & parties you’ve been going to?Seriously your pictures are fantastic and it sounds like all the events have been going well. We’re so happy for you!Enjoy your time in San Francisco! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this but when I was a smart-ass kid growing up in CT I used to dream about going to S.F. I llraey did. I never thought I would make it there, but thanks to my old job (the company had a sales office in Alameda) and a few vacations I’ve been there a bunch of times. San Francisco llraey is the most beautiful city in the world. My favorite place to stay is the Radisson (formerly the Travelodge) on Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s steps away from the Bay, Pier 39, Aquatic Park and so many other things. And is there any place in the world better than Golden Gate Park? I don’t think so.