Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett Pro for Alien Workshop

By: | Wednesday, March 14, 2012 //

In a “No Duh” move from Alien Workshop, the Sovereign Sect bumped Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett up to the pro ranks. Their new pro announcement ad is out now.

This brings the total number of pros on Workshop to 11 with Kevin Terpening and Donovan Piscopo being the only remaining ams. With Rob Dyrdek supposedly buying the brand from Burton it could mean some bigger things for the brand this year and hopefully some new team additions to the am squad.

Jake and Gilbert had a shared part in Transworld’s new Cinematographer project, which seems to have become the wake up call for the heads of brands who might forget about the young bloods on their squad from time to time. “Oh he had a Transworld part? Fuck it, turn him pro.”

All in all, the timing is good. Jake’s tumbling cross country with a group of homie rippers in Map Masquerade and Gilbert keeps putting out new photos on the regular that are making the “What the whaaaats” on the Internet expel in droves.

Congrats to Jake and Gilbert. Looking forward to seeing your boards in skate shops soon.

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  • sound

    Yeah boyyyyy!!! Killer news, they both really deserve it

  • Joshm

    yeah jake!!

  • Keith Richards liver

    About time!!!

  • Jen

    Hiz…I read your post deeply… And I toaltly agree with you about the conclusion… We all need similar vacations to explore ourselves, but we are stuck, all of us :-)It always seems like being away for a couple of days will make every thing go insane… as if we are responsible for holding every thing together with our bare hands!