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  • Vicky

    ,”I think I found it in Avignon just after the rain stopped. Alas, a young Nike clad skaetboarder got there first!A young Chinese couple got their share too, with obvious delight see the smiles on their faces” LOL!!!!…Maybe the luck of the Irish will be on your side next time a “pot of gold” appears!Bonjour! Nathalie,Both photographs are very beautiful!…Especially, the “golden” sunlight “reflecting”(?!?) on the stairs!Merci de partager!DeeDee ;-D

  • Spy

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Karyn! I don’t know the stuats of food trucks in Canada but I know we were at a food festival in Calgary last summer called Taste of Calgary and ate some really yummy food so the talent is definitely there. Maybe the weather is an issue.This article is so timely, as my daughter stayed up until 1:30 last night finishing busy work ooops I mean homework. All the while, I’m imagining that we’ll have to cancel her extra-curricular activities because she won’t have time for them. But I would rather she did the extra-curricular activities I think she already spends too much time in school and doing school work. And just today, I read an article about a 16 year old boy that is leaving for MIT to get his PHd. Clearly very gifted but oh my the challenges that must present to hang out with such an adult social group. At 14, he was already at UC Berkeley. Wow.