Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding: Tom Groholski Part 1

By: | Monday, January 30, 2012 //

Another great episode of Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding featuring Tom Groholski and tons of 80s backyard vert ramp footage.

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  • Adam

    Nice article…hey everyone is back and better then ever.

  • John Killers

    I have known Tom since we were in kindergarten. He’s been my best friend over all these years. I don’t know where skating would be if it weren’t for Tom and the other skaters we grew up with representin’ the East Coast, they bridged the gap to the West. i do know that Tom and I each had the best parents and families we could hope for to help us succeed in life. I still skate to this day because of Tom’s positive attitude and influence. Hat’s off to Tom & thanks to Jeff Grosso and everyone involved in making these two awesome videos! – John Killers