Kayo Fall 2011 Catalog

By: | Friday, September 2, 2011 //

New Kayo Catalog


Kayo posted their latest batch of goodies from Organika, Expedition One, DGK, and Gold Wheels.

Stevie Williams, Kalis and the boys put together some sick stuff, like their dog pound series, in addition to their staple Pro-Hater wear.

Heard a rumor that Organika turned a certain Texas Ranger pro, but I don’t see his board in the catalog. Maybe my eyes ain’t what they used to be. Or maybe they’re waiting for the next catalog drop.

Gold and Expedition have some solid shit in their as well. Wu Welsh has a sick “Ransom” board and a few of their team series decks are original and pretty hilarious.

Give the catalog a glance and hit up your local skateshop for any of your Kayo needs.

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