Leo Romero Stay Gold B Sides

By: | Thursday, June 30, 2011 //


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  • ryan

    awesome! she pulls a beer out of her pocket.

  • Jeb

    shauna – rachel, you look so bituaeful; love the dress the hair the everything. i hadn’t checked your blog in while .turns out i’m due about a week after you i think. sadly, you’re making pregnancy look alot better than i am right now. i’m so done (but this IS baby #3;) . your post today was bituaeful..i remember, and still have all those same feelings. best of luck. you’re gonna love being a mama.January 13, 2011 4:38 pm

  • Lia

    Yes, it’s a great board at 38.5 Great all around, very dulbrae and fast. Nice around town. If you are getting away from regular boards, you will love it and you won’t be sorry! Don’t leave the trucks too loose, the wheels will bite and throw you. From the store, mine were too loose. Tighten all four kingpins until 3 threads are showing at first, then loosen some as your break it in.I have a few more, two 46 bombing boards and a 31.5 Off the Wall 2. There’s more footage on my channel. Enjoy!