Lil Wayne’s Tampa Slam

By: | Wednesday, April 11, 2012 //

Sierra Fellers filmed a solid trick from Lil Tuneci skating the kiddie pool at the Skatepark of Tampa during the pro a few weeks back. Check it out.

Whether you love him, hate him, ignore his existence or tolerate it ambivalently, Lil Wayne’s got some guts to crush around in front of a bunch of skateboarding’s who’s who at an event like the Tampa Pro when he knows he’s probably not going to wow anyone too much with his moves. Sierra Fellers caught this slam in the back park where Weezy was skating in between watching the contest.

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  • Judi

    you geeks need to get a life. Instead of siting in front of your pc scnrees all day saying this skateboarding game is better than that skateboarding game why not go out skateboarding instead. Almost forgot that would mean doing something different instead of siting in fount of your tv scnrees all day. You lot are sad.