New Alien Workshop Site

By: | Wednesday, December 22, 2010 //

Take a peak a thew face of Alien Workshop Dot Com

And then take a moment to enjoy some quality Leonard Kirk footage

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    New alien workshop site.. Nice :)

  • Kliana

    Great to see yhe updates! I have been inreentt-less for the last few days so it is nice to read/hear that you are doing so well!! I am amazed at how mobile you are already and that is so encouraging to hear! It has FINALLY gotten nice back here so by the time you guys get back everything will be warm and green. Yeah for Aspen summetime!! Keep the updates coming and God Bless

  • Jembho

    The quality of the eqimupent does make a difference, but so does just learning how to make the most of what you’ve got. My Mum went to a photography course run by a camera club (it’s really cheap, run by volunteers from the club) and found it really helpful. I know a few other people who’ve done the same course (Rosanna Photography Club for Melbournians!) so it might be worth finding out if there is a club near you offering the same sort of thing. Failing that, taking lots and lots of photos, reading the instruction booklet that came with the camera, and paying attention to the differences between all the settings will get you a fair way.