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  • Ayush

    Help!!!! As a senior ctzeiin my finances are limited. So when I get my magazines it is a special time. I would love it if we senior ctzeiins could have the opportunity to buy the special editions advertized at a special price or everyonce in a while have an extra magazine sent to us as a special. $14.99 for one magazine is so out of my range. As a matter of fact I was just given a late Mothers Day gift. A 2 yr. renewal of the PAPER CRAFT mag. A special gift from my husband. I am so excited. You see on September 2nd,2010, we had a house fire that consumed my entire house and took the life of our newest puppy. Besides the horror of the entire episode, my entire craft room and all the contents were also lost. So as you can see, slowly but surely I am trying to put back some things into place and trying to put our lives together. I apologize for sounding so dramatic, but we are still not in our home, and things are still so confusing. The issue that is appealig to me is in the May/June 2011 mag. Thank you so for lettihg me vent. Sincerely, Carolyn DiBenedettoDiBenedetto= 1033 Humminbird La.- SpringHill, Tn., 3717 (931-

  • Ndhha

    Hey your photos are fine!I like stargiht out of the camera,not fiddled with photos best,they seem more real to me.I guess that wasnt much help,but I hope it makes you feel better,you are doing a great job and I enjoy reading your blog very much,Ive been lurking for awhile !!so Hi :) hope you are having a great weekend.