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  • Rodrigo

    rickles33 พูดว่า:Holy shit you guys killed it over here! Seriously, I’ve never seen Zones lit up like that, frntisode flip up to disaster and all that other shit was ill and that Highlands ledge where Ron hurt his foot, that shit’s NO JOKE. You gotta come with it on that thing. The catch on that front tail flip out was OBSCENE. Seriously. That ledge is waaaaay gnarlier than it looks trust me. You guys really put it down when you were here. Come back anytime, brahddahs!! ALOHA

  • Munillasunil

    Garey, get out of your car and meet your City. There is a very substantial sized couminmty of inner city skateboarders. While the actual area (known as Heaven) is recognized nationally, it’s used primarily by local (Hartford) youth.You paint an either/or picture when you compare to decent roads. Why can’t we have both? Invest in our youth now an we might not have to spent more later to jail them.