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Black Label Blender Series

08.24.2012 //

Black Label Skateboards announced “The Blender Series” featuring original art by Neil Blender. The series includes boards from legendary skaters Omar Hassan, Matt Hensley, Salman Agah, and Wade Speyer on custom shapes! Get Hot! Get Label!

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Ernie Torres Pushing Colorado

08.24.2012 //

Ernies pushes around his current place of stay, Colorado, for Real Skateboards.

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Spitfire Bryan Herman Live to Burn

08.24.2012 //

Bryan Herman has a gnarly video for Spitfire. Check out these hammers.

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Jeff Pang Chrome Ball Interview

08.24.2012 //

The Chrome Ball Incident has another great interview. This time with Jefferson Pang.

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DGK at Woodward West

08.24.2012 //

The DGK guys hit the parks at Woodward West and made this video. Check out their shredding.

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08.24.2012 //

Element is doing a cool contest where you can win Nyjah’s board from Street League which has been recycled into a cruiser board. Head over to Element’s Facebook and enter the contest. They will announce the winner August 27th.

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08.24.2012 //

The C1rca team put out a video from their “Brats N Brews” Germany tour featuring Robbie Brockel, Ben Hatchell, Windsor James, Walker Ryan and more.

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Street League 2012: Monster Energy Dime Squad Championship Preview

08.24.2012 //

The Street League 2012 championship is going on this weekend. Check out this video of the Dime Squad going through what you could win. Is it kittens? Is it cake? Is it a Dime Squad pillow fight? Is it $200,000? Or is it all the above. I’ll choose the latter.

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Sheckler Sessions : Planes, Trains, and Skateboarding – Episode 5

08.23.2012 //

Sheckler Sessions continues with Ryan and the Etnies team skating some spots and doing some demos in Germany. Check out the really good skating!

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Cyril Jackson – Landshark Wheels commercial

08.23.2012 //

Cyril Jackson has a quick but gnarly commercial for Landshark Wheels. Check it out.


Foundation Giveaway

08.23.2012 //

Foundation is giving away Nick Merlino’s new ADHD deck on Facebook. Follow this link and like Foundation’s Facebook for a chance to win a free board. It’s that easy.


Dickies Northeast Excursion

08.23.2012 //

The Dickies team featuring Vincent Alvarez, Kevin Terpening, Tom Remillard and Jim Greco will be doing demos in Jersey, Philly, Toronto, New York and Boston starting September 5th. Check out the flyer for all the info.