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SKATELINE on Plan B, Steve Berra, Jake Donnelly and More

08.21.2012 //

Skateline tears into Plan B, Steve Berra, Jake Donnelly and a whole lot more. There’s even an exclusive report from El Toro! Give it a watch. This kid is killing it.

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Steve Caballero Gets Soda Back Together

08.21.2012 //

Vans did a quick interview with Steve Caballero about him getting this mid-90s band Soda back together. Recently a good friend of Steve’s and the band, Steve Larkin, passed away. To help raise money for Larkin’s family Soda is reforming and playing this Friday, August 24th, 2012 at The Blank Club in San Jose. Click through for more information.

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Flip Classics – 1999 Promo Video

08.21.2012 //

Flip just posted their old promo video originally from the 1999 ASR Tradeshow featuring Geoff, Penny, Arto, Rune and Boulala. Check it out.

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Blitz Distribution Fall 2012 Catalogs

08.21.2012 //

Blitz Distribution has some new boards, wheels and accessories from Black Label, Sk8Mafia, L E, Hook-Ups, and more. Go check out the goods.

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Alien Workshop X Keith Haring Collaboration

08.21.2012 //

Alien Workshop has teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation and have created some amazing boards and soft goods. Click through to see the products as well as a giveaway.

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LAPD Accused of Brutality Towards a 20 Year Old Skateboarder

08.21.2012 //

A 20-year-old Venice man and his family are calling for justice, claiming police pinned him to the ground and beat him after he was already subdued. Watch this video and see what happened to Ronald Weekley Jr. for riding his skateboard down the fucking street. Insane!

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Two New Bones Brigade Free Downloads

08.21.2012 //

Today Bones announced that you can download the official trailer of Stacy Peralta’s new film, Bones Brigade : An Autobiography and in celebration of the 25 year Anniversary you can download The Search For Animal Chin all for free. Why aren’t you downloading yet!?


Cowtown Concrete Chaos

08.21.2012 //

Cowtown’s Concrete Chaos is having it’s second stop at the Desert West Skateboard Plaza on September 22. Click through for the flyer and more information.

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08.21.2012 //

Blake Carpenter and some friends hit the streets of New York in this new video from RIP N DIP Clothing. Click through to watch and to see their new Fall 2012 collection. Good stuff!

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08.21.2012 //

The Santa Cruz team visits Emmanuel Guzman in his stomping grounds, beautiful Santa Cruz California. Day 1: Santa Cruz Skatepark and the legendary Buena Vista pool featuring Shuriken Shannon, Justin Strubing, Josh Borden, Salba, Cody Chapman, and Sid Melvin.

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Behind The Design | Skateboarder X Vans Collaboration

08.21.2012 //

CCS came through the Skateboarder office and interviewed our Editor Jaime Owens about our Vans collaboration. Check out the video with Jaime highlighting some of the products. Go pick some up now!

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Picture Wheels – Tommy Fynn

08.21.2012 //

Tommy Fynn spends a day killing the local bay skate parks in Brisbane for Picture Wheels.