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Sam Cole Monarchs of Magic Part

08.14.2012 //

Welcome Skateboards is posting up full parts from their Monarchs of Magic video. Here’s Sam Cole tearing up some tranny.

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Skate the Red Bull Manny Mania NYC Course

08.14.2012 //

Red Bull is partnering up with 5Boro and Andale Golden Wheels to let a lucky few skate the Manny Mania course in NYC August 18th. The first 150 people that get the wheel collaboration will be invited to skate from 2pm to 4pm. Our editor, Jaime Owens, has two pair that he’s taking to NYC, so he’s gonna find two lucky rippers to give them to.

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Gilbert Crockett: Vans x Zumiez

08.14.2012 //

Vans and Zumiez have a cool video with Gilbert Crockett with some interviews and skating. This dude is always fun to watch. Check it out.

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Bam Margera Detained & Cuffed in Airport

08.14.2012 //

TMZ got the story of “Jackass” star Bam Margera wound up being dragged through a North Carolina airport in handcuffs this weekend for allegedly being a drunken pain in the ass. Click through to read more.

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08.14.2012 //

iPath has a cool commercial with Steve Nesser talking about his new pro shoe the “Artisan”. Check out the video and go pick up a pair.

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Derek Fukuhara Giveaway Contest

08.14.2012 //

World Industries is holding a contest to win a Derek Fukuhara pro board along with a Filmbot Grip package. Click through to find out what you need to do to win. Good luck!

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Jabari Pendelton Gold Goons

08.14.2012 //

Gold Wheels has another Goons Clip up. This time it’s with Jabari Pendelton shredding in Barcelona.

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Paradise Wheels Video

08.14.2012 //

Paradise Wheels just put out a full video with parts from Dave Abair, Sammy Baptista, Matt Rodriguez, Tristen Moss, Andrew Dellas and more. Click through to watch each part.

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Crailtap’s Clip of the Day. Elijah in Spain

08.14.2012 //

Crailtap has a quick clip of Elijah Berle in Spain. Quick does not mean easy. Check it out.

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Grosso’s Loveletter to Slams

08.13.2012 //

Arto Saari puts it best… “They call us professional skateboarders but we spend half our time on the ground trying to get up…” Slams are a big part of skating– if you don’t slam you aren’t trying hard enough. Keep a look out for friends John Cardiel, Jerry Hsu, Greg Hunt, and more!

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Dickies Across the Pond with Vincent and Tom

08.13.2012 //

Vincent Alvarez and Tom Remillard went to Holland and England this summer on a Dickies trip and brought back this video.

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New Bones Brigade Site

08.13.2012 //

There is a new Bones Brigade website up with a new Animal Chin teaser and some fun downloads. Enter your email and be able to download the teaser, stencils, and wallpapers. There are also links to each of the Bones Brigade member’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts. Go check it out.