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Creature Video Trailer

08.13.2012 //

On 12.20.12 the Creature video will be released. Check out the trailer featuring Navarrette, Partanen, Gravette, Hitz, Bingaman, Heddings, Graham, Mallory, Kimbel, Reyes, Silence, Conover and Apello. This is going to be good.

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08.13.2012 //

The McClung Brothers and Tom Karangelov recently joined up with Garage Skate Shop. Click through to read the official press release.

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Chris Miller InnerView

08.13.2012 //

Korduroy.TV has a really rad interview with Chris Miller. Give it a watch and learn about Chris’s past, present and future. Good stuff.

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Real Skateboards Robbie Brockel Pushing Phoenix

08.13.2012 //

Robbie Brockel went home for a couple days to push through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona for Real Skateboards. Check out his sick video.

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Skateboarder Magazine’s 3rd Annual Make A Wish Benefit

08.12.2012 //

A little quit recap from our event yesterday that saw some heavy shredding from the likes of Oscar Meza, Joey Brezinski, Shawn Hale and more, all for a good clause.

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Mark Suciu and Walker Ryan for Thunder Trucks

08.10.2012 //

Thunder has two sick videos featuring Mark Suciu and Walker Ryan. Start off your morning right with these.

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Dolan Stearns Lurkville Flyer Series

08.09.2012 //

Lurkville have a gnarly video of Dolan Stearns for their new Flyer Series boards. Check out the video then pick up a board!

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SHECKLER SESSIONS : Fantasy Factory & the World’s 1st Flying Dog – EPISODE 4

08.09.2012 //

Ryan, Torey and P-Rod get some skating in at Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory where they meet UFC President, Dana White. Then Ryan is committed to getting his dog Dollar airborne by tying balloons to the 10 lb pup. After a successful lift off, Ryan makes a quick pit stop at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, before heading to Germany for the Etnies Euro Tour.

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SUPRA Three Amigos Tour Video Trailer

08.09.2012 //

SUPRA came out with a trailer for their Three Amigos Tour video, featuring Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, and Boo Johnson (with Kevin Romar, Spencer Hamilton, Pat Rumney, and Nick Tucker), coming Thursday, August 16.

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Gravis Quarters Arto Saari Commercial

08.09.2012 //

Gravis has a quick commercial with Arto Saari for their Quarters shoes. Check it out.

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08.09.2012 //

$lave has their Fall 2012 catalog up on their site. Head over and check out all the goods!

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A Weekend with Shane Borland

08.09.2012 //

Powell just put out a video featuring a weekend of filming at a few parks with Shane Borland. Watch little Shane rip Venice Beach Skatepark and Channel Street Skatepark.