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Jake Johnson On Brick Harbor

08.09.2012 //

Jake Johnson is the newest pro on Brick Harbor and has a sick new welcome video. Check it out!

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08.09.2012 //

Lakai just came out with a video featuring Marc Johnson. Give it a watch and see what you can find around his house.

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08.09.2012 //

Eric Koston’s Epicly Later’d part 5 is now up. Give it a watch and learn about how it was filming for Menikmati, Yeah Right, and Chomp On This.

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Element “Keep Discovering” Chile

08.08.2012 //

The Element team went to Chile to discover the culture and landscape, test their new product and they brought back a pretty sweet video.

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Jonathan Mehring ESPN Interview

08.08.2012 //

Our great staff photographer Jonathan Mehring has an interview on about his photos, traveling the world and what it takes to be a skate photographer. It’s a good quick read with some amazing photos.

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Free Lunch with Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

08.08.2012 //

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki gets the royal treatment from Tony Hawk, 360′s the big Marseille gap, skates on magic mushrooms and more on Free Lunch!



08.08.2012 //

Check out the SUPRA team as they tour the East Coast from August 18-28 with demos and signings in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The tour kicks off at the Red Bull Manny Mania contest in NYC. Click through for more information.

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Brophy At Biebel’s

08.08.2012 //

Andrew Brophy shreds Biebel’s park for Fourstar Clothing.

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Gravis Creative Departures Antwerp Commercial

08.08.2012 //

Gravis just released a new video commercial for their “Creative Departures” event in Antwerp Belgium this year. Check it out.


Kenny Reed on Creation Skateboards

08.08.2012 //

Kenny Reed aka “The Traveler” is the newest addition to the Creation Skateboards team. Head over to their site and check out his board along with a few of his older video parts. Good stuff.

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Emerica and Shake Junt Collab

08.08.2012 //

Emerica, Shake Junt, Andrew Reynolds and Shane Heyl have teamed up. Check out this video featuring their new Emerica and Shake Junt Reynolds 3.

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New Jaden Smith Music Video featuring Cole, Theotis, etc.

08.07.2012 //

Will Smith’s child apparently takes other people’s music then talks over it and makes music videos at Skate Lab with Chris Cole, Theotis Beasley, and Alex Midler amongst others. Who knew?