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08.07.2012 //

Gary is back with another Skateline. This week he talks about Lil Wayne, Jerem Rogers, Dennis Busenitz and much much more. Check it out.

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Crailtap’s We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It with Chris Roberts

08.07.2012 //

Chris Roberts is up next for We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It. Reading your YouTube comments from the following videos: Hot Chocolate, Slice of Life, Time to Shine and Shit Pro Skaters Say. Topics discussed? Too many manuals, Garvy, his boring life and more.

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08.07.2012 //

Greyson Fletcher handles this years Coastal Carnage course and five questions from his buddy Riley for Strange Notes.


Daewon Re-signs with DVS

08.07.2012 //

Amongst the bankruptcy news from DVS, Daewon Song has decided to stick with his 15 year long shoe sponsor. Daewon, along with DVS, have plans to make the company stronger than ever. Read the press release for more information.

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Jamie Palmore VX Moment

08.07.2012 //

Osiris made a video with some Jaime Palmore VX 1000 footage. Give it a watch. It’s good!

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Big Vans Downtown Showdown Recap

08.07.2012 //

The team over at Vans created 4 videos that recapped each obstacle from the Downtown Showdown. Check out each video and see tricks you didn’t see in our video.

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08.07.2012 //

DGK’s Dwayne Fagundes has been quietly killing it for the past few years. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to rip some American spots because he lost his visa and has been unable to return to the US. Check out some good footage and read an interview explaining what happened.


Filmbot Friday with Derek Fukuhara & The Hollywood Filmbotters

08.06.2012 //

Filmbot has a fun video with Derek Fukuhara and some friends at a school yard. Mix good skating and basketball and what do you get? Watch and find out.

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etnies Under Our Feet: Cairo

08.06.2012 //

Etnies has the sixth video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Cairo did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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etnies Fall 2012 Commercial

08.06.2012 //

Etnies just put out their Fall 2012 commercial featuring Ryan Sheckler, Devine Calloway, Jose Rojo and Aidan Campbell skating through Downtown LA. Check it out.

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Coastal Carnage and Damn AM 2012 Videos

08.06.2012 //

Ben Raybourn took home the gold in this year’s Costal Carnage and Dylan Witkn took home the gold in this year’s Damn AM . Check out some videos from the events.

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Chico Brenes Evelyn LRG Commercial

08.06.2012 //

LRG has a quick commercial with Chico from his new ad. Check it out.