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Active Mikey Taylor Ask the Pros Part 1

07.31.2012 //

Active had some fans ask Mikey Taylor some questions. See how he answers questions about why he’s so happy and why is he still pro for Alien Workshop. Check out part one here.

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Supra Instalizard Contest Winners Video

07.31.2012 //

If you entered Supra’s Instalizard contest then check out this video of Lizard King listing off the winners. Lizards seems to be having a lot of fun giving his Supra shoe The Passion away.

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WeSC welcomes Jordan Trahan

07.31.2012 //

WeSC welcomes up and coming east coast ripper Jordan Trahan. Check out his intro video with some sick NYC lines. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this guy!


Brixton Fall 2012 Lookbook

07.30.2012 //

Brixton uploaded their Fall 2012 Lookbook. There’s a bunch of rad photos featuring Jordan Taylor, Taylor Bingaman and a whole bunch of other cool dudes and good lookin chicks. Check it out.

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World Industries New Pros Timmy Knuth and Derek Fukuhara Video Part Teasers

07.30.2012 //

World Industries is adding Timmy Knuth and Derek Fukuhara to their pro ranks August 1st. Check out the teasers and be sure to check back Wednesday for their full length video parts. Can’t wait for these.

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Fourstar’s 4 Live Crew Video

07.30.2012 //

The Fourstar team hit the streets and parks in hot and humid Florida. Check out some shredding from Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Rick Howard, Andrew Brophy, Mike Carroll and Tony Trujillo.


Ben There Done That #prettysweeteuroblitzpart1

07.30.2012 //

Ben Colen has some new photos up on his Crailtap blog. Head over and check out what Sean Malto, Rick McCrank, Cory Kennedy, Brandon Biebel, Elijah Berle, Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Eric Koston, Kenny Anderson, Raven Tershy and more Girl/Chocolate guys have been doing in Europe.

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07.30.2012 //

Along with the Vans and Skateboarder Magazine collab shoes and clothing line, Vans is also releasing videos of legendary pros and top AMs talking about our magazine. Check out the third of four videos featuring Daniel Lutheran. The last interview with Jeff Grosso coming soon.

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Jenkem Interviews Brian Wenning

07.30.2012 //

Wenning talks about his new brand, Lockdown Skateboards, getting his Selfish Skateboards tattoo removed, being on probation and other interesting things in this interview from Jenkem.

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etnies Under Our Feet: Willow

07.30.2012 //

Etnies has the sixth video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Willow did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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Banana Board with Lance Mountain and Greyson Fletcher

07.30.2012 //

Lance Mountain explains why he’s hyped on the Banana Boards and Greyson Fletcher shows you how you can rip on them. Check out the flyer for more information on the boards.

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Weekend Warriors Vol.26

07.30.2012 //

The Baker Boys have a new Weekend Warriors montage with Reynolds, Herman, and all the homies.