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Globe Welcomes Louie Barletta To The Team

07.23.2012 //

Globe welcomes Louie Barletta to the team. Louie Barletta and Chris Haslam team up in this throwback commercial of jump ramps and good times. Go grab yourself an ice cream and enjoy the ride..

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etnies Under Our Feet: Tyler Bledsoe

07.23.2012 //

Etnies has the third video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Tyler Bledsoe did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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Spitfire Wheels Welcomes Trevor Colden

07.23.2012 //

Trevor Colden put out almost 2 minutes of solid footage for his welcome part for Spitfire Wheels. Check it out. It’s a good one.

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adidas Skateboarding in Oregon with Silas Baxter-Neal and Pete Eldridge

07.23.2012 //

For the release of his second pro model adidas and Silas hit the road with teammate Pete Eldridge and their two dogs, Kip and Carlito, to visit concrete parks around Oregon.

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World Industries Timmy Knuth’s going Pro Suprise Party

07.23.2012 //

World Industries decided to fly out to Melbourne,FL to surprise Timmy Knuth for his 21st birthday and also present him with his
first Pro model. Look out for his Pro part coming August 1st.

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07.23.2012 //

DC Shoes has a Rediscover full part of Mikey Taylor and it’s amazing! Go check out some good skating along with a little insight about being a pro skateboarder and having a pro shoe for DC. Good stuff Mikey!

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07.20.2012 //

Bones Wheels has a fun video of Josh Hawkins doing some flat ground tricks you may have never seen before.

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Ben Gore Dekline Commercial

07.20.2012 //

Ben Gore has a sick commercial for Dekline shoes.

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SKATE NYC with Jahmal Williams and The Hopps Crew

07.20.2012 //

Jahmal Williams, Steve Brandi, and Joel Meinholz give you a personal skate tour of New York City.

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Sml Wheels Summer 2012

07.20.2012 //

Sml Wheels has a video featuring their new pro wheels from Austyn Gillette, Raymond Molinar and Morgan Smith. Check it out and go pick up a pair!


Musically speaking: Karma Tsocheff

07.20.2012 //

For all who still care about what the links between music and skateboarding were like pre-Lil Wayne, here’s little blurb with Karma Tsocheff talking about his various bands.


Skullcandy Theo’s Euro Snaps Tour

07.20.2012 //

Skullcandy skate team’s very own Theotis Beasley is about to embark on a special three-city European tour along with fellow teammates Eric Koston and Sean Malto. Get ready as they depart on the “Theo’s Euro Snaps” tour this weekend. Check out the flyer for more information.