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Get Help with Antihero’s New Summer Drop

07.09.2012 //

Antihero’s latest summer catalog drop is all killer no filler misanthropic gold. Check out their new boards and shirts that will make mommy and daddy remember why they were worried when you started skateboarding.


New Gilbert Crockett Cellout Part!!!

07.09.2012 //

For $10 but it’s totally worth it! BUY NOW!!!

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Toy Machine Videodrone: Team Building Maneuvers

07.09.2012 //

Dan Lutheran and Collin Provost are the stars of Toy Machine’s new Videodeone. Always some gnarly skating! Check it out.

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Nike SB #SkateEveryDamnDay with Stefan Janoski and Alex Olson

07.09.2012 //

Stefan Janoski and Alex Olson’s video has been unlocked and it’s a good one. Head over to the Nike site and see the footage along with their lookbooks.

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Dickies Weekend with Tom Part 1

07.09.2012 //

Enjoy a weekend with Tom Remillard in SD county via Dickies. Have some Kale veggie concoctions, shred Washington Street, bomb some hills and tag along for Tom’s weekend.

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Drehobl and Manderson at St Helena for Krooked

07.09.2012 //

Krooked dropped 2 new videos along with their latest installment of their Summer 2012 katalog. Peep them both here.

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Welcome Skateboards HAKAS Tour Video

07.09.2012 //

Welcome took a trip from So Cal up to Seattle with the whole team. Check out the 15 minute tour video documenting the whole thing.

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Autobahn Wheel Welcomes Carlos Ribeiro

07.09.2012 //

Carlos Ribeiro is blowing up right now. Here’s another minute of footage for his welcome video to Autobahn Wheels. Good stuff.

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07.09.2012 //

Etnies has the third video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Barney Page did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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Go Skate With A Friend

07.06.2012 //

We ran an intro in the magazine awhile back with Matt Fields skating with his dog and all it said was “Go skate with a friend”. Here’s the 2012 version of that intro filmed with a GoPro camera. Sometimes mans’ best friend is also mans’ best skate buddy.


Skaters Atlas

07.06.2012 //

Skaters Atlas is a new website that will feature profiles on different cities around the world. It will showcase the skating, artist, photographers, fashion, and lots more that come from the different locations. Check out the trailer and their first interview with our own Aaron Smith. We’re looking forward to more video from them!

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Rise Above with Buddy Elias

07.06.2012 //

This episode features Buddy Elias who lost his leg due to Buerger’s Disease and smoking. It’s heavy. Listen to your doctors, kids.