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Josh Kalis for 9FIVE

06.25.2012 //

9Five put out a cool video of Josh Kalis for his new sunglasses The KLS 2.0. Check it out.


Nike #skateeverydamnday Koston/Malto Footage

06.25.2012 //

Nike has unlocked some Koston and Malto China footage from their #skateeverdamnday series. Head over to their site and check it out.

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UXA #CodeZered Part 2

06.25.2012 //

UXA put out another rad video of Zered skating around the video for their collaboration board.

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Austyn Gillette Quik Video

06.25.2012 //

If you haven’t seen this Quiksilver video of Austyn Gillette than you must have been living under a rock this weekend. Watch it now!

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Bro Style Commercial

06.25.2012 //

Bro Style, the most well known new company just release it’s first commercial. With this team roster: Leo Romero, Heath Kirchart, Johnny Layton, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crockett, Ed Templeton, Collin Provost, Josh Harmony, chad Tim Tim, Matt Bennett, James Hardy, Diego Bucchieri, Brandon Westgrate, Dan Lutheran, Trevor Colden, Taylor Smith, Fritz Mead, Josh Borden, David Reyes, Ryan Spencer, Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald and Dakota Servold, how could you not love it?

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Etnies Under Our Feet: Nick Garcia

06.25.2012 //

Etnies has the second video from their contest. Watch the video, figure out what Nick Garcia did and then go over to the Etnies site and enter to win some free stuff!

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Ricky Oyola Memory Screened Page Extras

06.25.2012 //

Our good friend and contributor Seb Carayol just posted an extended Ricky Oyola Memory Screened from a previous issue of the mag. Check it out all you skate graphic nerds!

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Vans Team Kills Metallica Orion Fest

06.25.2012 //

Mini ramp sesh infront of 25,000 screaming fans and Metallica? The Vans team just had the most epic time of their lives. Check it out!

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Zach Lyons Joins Magenta Skateboards Video

06.22.2012 //

Check out this welcome video for East Coast ripper Zach Lyons who just got on Magenta skateboards.

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Gravis Jake Johnson & Sammy Winter Video

06.22.2012 //

Gravis just put out a shared part for Sammy Winter and Jake Johnson and it is full of sick clips. Check it out.

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Life Magazine Goes Skateboarding

06.21.2012 //

Check out a lookback at the Time Life article from the ’60s that introduced the world to skateboarding via an upside down woman in a red sweater.

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Zoo York Chaz Ortiz Video Trailer

06.21.2012 //

Zoo York and Chaz Ortiz are planning on dropping something really big on 7/10/12. Keep your eyes peeled.