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UXA #CodeZered

06.20.2012 //

UXA has teamed up with Zered Bassett and on Go Skateboarding Day (tomorrow) they will release a Signature Guest board and T-shirt. Check out the video and head over to their site for more information.

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Made in Emerica Tour: Louisville Kentucky Demo

06.20.2012 //

The Emerica guys are put out another demo video. This time at the big Louisville park. Check out Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Brandon Westgate, Figgy, Collin Provost and Trevor Colden skating the park like you’ve never seen before.


Go Skateboarding Day At Venice

06.20.2012 //

Make sure you’re at the Venice Beach Skatepark on Go Skateboarding Day with Ryan Decenzo, Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, Joey Brezinski, James Craig, Ronnie Creager, Mark Appleyard, and more. There will be lots of skating, signing, and giving away cash for tricks and prizes. Check out the flyer for more information.

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X Games Real Street Round 3

06.19.2012 //

The X Games Real Street contest continues on. Now only 4 more skaters remain. Get your votes in! You can cast a vote every day.


Vans Partners With The Bones Brigade : An Autobiography

06.19.2012 //

Vans has partnered up with the film Bones Brigade : An Autobiography to host screenings. Click through to their site to find out more information.

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Dakota Servold Dekline Commercial

06.19.2012 //

Dakota Servold kills it. This short video from Dekline only shows 1/100th of his gnarlieness but still you should watch it! That boy is good!

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Andre Genovesi On OUS

06.19.2012 //

Andre Genovesi is the newest addition to the Brazilian shoe company Ous. Check out their rad shoes. Everything is made in Brazil with 100% Brazilian materials and mostly of the product is made out of recyclable materials.

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Morgan Smith Is Now Pro For Blind Commercial

06.19.2012 //

Check out this Blind commercial introducing Morgan Smith’s debut pro model with Morgan crushing some NYC spots with some Nas lacing the track.

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Lil Wayne At Da Playground

06.19.2012 //

Here’s some footage of Lil Wayne hitting up Da Playground in Atlanta.

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06.19.2012 //

David Reyes is the newest addition to the all star cast over at Eswic. Check out his bangin welcome video. Damn he’s good!

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Penny Skateboards Viva Vacation Tour

06.19.2012 //

Penny Skateboards just put out two video from their trip to California. Check them out and then head over to their site to see some photos.

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Emerica presents: The Bryan Herman Baker G-Code Shoe

06.19.2012 //

Emerica, Bryan Herman and Baker Skateboards have come together and collaborated on a colorway of the G-Code shoe. Check out the video for some skating and the story behind the shoe.