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06.08.2012 //

If you guys can figure out what stance Money Mike is than you’re doing better than I am. Holy hell this guy is nuts! Check his part out.

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Almost Skateboards Daewon Song iPhone Mini Ramp Video

06.08.2012 //

Good Lord Daewon is good. Like you all didn’t know that. Watch this little video and then feel like shit because you will never skate a mini ramp like he can. But it’s ok, neither will anyone else so you’re not alone.


Chet Childress Pro for Heroin Skateboards

06.08.2012 //

Chet Childress just joined Heroin Skateboards as their new pro. Looking forward to seeing some new stuff from them!


Nyjah On Stance

06.08.2012 //

Nyjah Huston is now rocking everyone’s favorite sock company Stance under his shoes. His signature line will be coming out later this year.

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Paradise Wheels Pairideaza Teaser

06.08.2012 //

Paradise wheels is about to come out with a new video featuring Matt Rodriguez, Sammy Baptista, Ron Allen,Dave Abair, Mike Peterson, Andrew DellasCarlos Young, Mike Rosa, Mike YorkJohn Lupfer, Tristen Moss, Brian Downey80′s Joe, Zak Gonzalez, Nathan PorterTristan moss and Fernado Covarrubias. Check out the teaser.

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Jose Rojo Shoe Release Skate Jam

06.07.2012 //

Saturday June 16th at Mayfair Skatepark come skate with the Etnies team, win some product and grab a taco in celebration of Big Joe Red’s new pro shoe.

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In the Park with Aaron Jaws Homoki

06.07.2012 //

Strangenotes continues Shark week with an Independent Truck Co In the Park edit from Jaws in Paradise Valley Park in Phoenix, AZ. A lot of air in there.

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Arto Saari Epicly Later’d Part 5

06.07.2012 //

The death of Arto’s buddy and teammate Shane Cross leads to a dark period for the Flip team, and soon Arto bails and joins Alien Workshop. Only later does he realize that Flip will always be his true home and makes a triumphant return.

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Red Bull Triple Set

06.06.2012 //

Come and watch the some of best skateboarders in the world do the most advanced and technical skateboarding trickery, on one of the most innovative skate features around, the Red Bull Triple Set. Here is the list of some of the top skateboarders that will compete in this year’s competition.


Made In Emerica Tour Starts Sunday

06.06.2012 //

Emerica begins their “Made in Emerica” tour this Sunday in New Orleans at Humidity skate shop featuring Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Jerry Hsu, Ed Templeton, Brandon Westgate, Justin Figueroa, Collin Provost & Trevor Colden.

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Andrew Biernat ABRACADABRA Part

06.06.2012 //

Andrew Biernat’s part from ABRACADABRA is gnarly! Check out this 5 minute killing spree.

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06.06.2012 //

WOW! This is amazing!! Everyone needs to watch this and get a good laugh.