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06.05.2012 //

Be sure to head over to Val Surf in Valley Village for a Girl and Chocolate signing. It kicks off at 3pm. The signing will help benefit RED Rush to Zero.

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Guru Khalsa on Imperial Motion

06.05.2012 //

After going without a clothing sponsor for a minute after Elwood went under, Guru has landed firmly alongside Raymond Molinar and Joey Pepper at Imperial Motion. Check out the press release and a video of Guru in this post.

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X Games Real Street Contest Is Live Today

06.05.2012 //

The X Games real street contest is now live where 16 skaters will go head to head with actual street video parts. Featuring Bobby Worrest, Collin Provost, Silas Baxter-Neal, Cory Kennedy, Nyjah Huston and more.

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Alex Schmidt on Theeve Trucks

06.05.2012 //

Alex Schmidt is the newest addition to Theeve Trucks and wow does he deserve it. Not many people are just as good with heelflips and they are with kickflips. Check out his intro video!


Josh Harmony New Album Free Download

06.05.2012 //

Josh Harmony just released his new album “Benefit of the Doubt” and it’s available for a free download on his site. Head over there for and download some great free music legally!

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06.05.2012 //

See if Jaws gets the $35 and drinks of his choice in this installment of Independent Truck’s “Six Pack”.

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iPhone SkateBack

06.05.2012 //

Grove and MapleXO have collaborated to put the waist from a skateboard into something besides a landfill. Check out these cool iPhone backs made from excess skateboard materials.


The High 5 Skateboards Changes Name to Send Help

06.05.2012 //

Todd Bratrud’s The High 5 Skateboards has changed its name to Send Help. Find out the whos and whys within.


Steve Caballero Art Show Interview

06.05.2012 //

Steve Cab is having an art show up in Campbell, California next Friday and Vans just did a little interview with him talking about his work. Check it out and make it out to the show if you can!

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06.05.2012 //

Expedition just put out a rad 12 minute video from their past trip to China. It features tricks and interview by Kenny Hoyle, Spencer Hamilton, Chany Jeanguenin and Taylor McClung. This is a good way to start your morning.

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Actions Realized: Knowledge is Power

06.04.2012 //

Check out a new project Real Skateboards has going to help empower students into taking hold of their future and see what their intern cooked up to aid others like him.

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DGK All Day and Night with Keelan Dadd

06.04.2012 //

Keelan Dadd shows you how DGK does it all day and all night.