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Welcome Skateboards Summer Catalog

06.01.2012 //

Welcome Skateboards has some new boards out for their summer catalog. Check these guys out.

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The Weekend Buz with Johan Stuckey and Austyn Gillette

06.01.2012 //

Find out how to make a jacuzzi for your sack, Johan’s lips shredding some tranny, getting on Habitat and more in this week’s episode of Weekend Buzz.


San Diego AM Slam Contest

06.01.2012 //

Make sure to come out to the AM Slam contest in San Diego on June 30th. Should be a good time with lots of skating and events. Check out the flyer for more information.


Guy Mariano on HEX

06.01.2012 //

Guy Mariano now carries his iPhone and other stuff in the stylishly designed cases and bags from HEX. Check out their store and press release.

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Aaron “Jaws” Homoki on Dekline

06.01.2012 //

Jaws is now officially jumping off really big things while Deklines on his feet. Check out the press release.

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Blackbook Skate Spot iPhone App from Garrett Hill

06.01.2012 //

Technology is making everything easier. Like remembering where all your skate spots are. Garrett Hill designed an app for skaters in mind to keep track of your spots and the tricks you want to do there. Check out the video explaining how it works.

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Rip N Dip New Collection

06.01.2012 //

One of the best clothing companies ran by some of the best dudes just released their new collection. Go buy their new stuff!

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Street League Ontario Coming June 15th

05.31.2012 //

Street League Skateboarding’s Ontario stop is coming soon with more from today’s top contest skaters battling it out for a chance at piece of the $1.6 million prize purse.

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New Krooked Katalog and Gonz Dancing

05.31.2012 //

Check out the latest catalog from Krooked featuring new boards, Aloha Zingers, Manderson’s Our Lady of Krooked, Gonz Khroma and a video from Mark’s exploits in Paris, France.

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05.31.2012 //

Independent Trucks put out a gnarly welcome video for Carlos Ribeiro. Seems like the guy can skate anyway he wants. Must be nice!

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Arto Saari Epicly Later’d Part 4

05.31.2012 //

In Part 4, Appleyard, Templeton, Rowley and Arto and more talk about Arto Saari’s mission mode when filming for Flip’s Sorry video.

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Cons Trapasso 2

05.30.2012 //

Check out the Trapasso Pro II with Nick as he describes the shoe features in his own terms.