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Dekline Goes East Video

05.24.2012 //

The portion of the Dekline team (Dakota, Jaws, Merlino, Cutcliffe, and Matt B) headed east with Sinclair in the Tum Yeto van to chomp rails, bumps, ledges and whatever else they came across and they brought back a video for us all to enjoy.

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Lo-Fi Coming Soon Trailer

05.24.2012 //

Brad Cromer and some homies have the Lo-Fi coming soon trailer to get you hyped up.

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JR Neves Classic Clips

05.24.2012 //

Check in for some classic footage of JR Neves ripping around Philadelphia. RIP

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Manny Santiago and The Knockouts

05.24.2012 //

Manny Santiago shows you his new wheel for Hubba and then shows you what you can do on it. Only if you’re this good.

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05.24.2012 //

Anthony Williams has the newest Detention at Da Playground. Wow forgot how good this dude is. Check out some tech tricks with some good style.

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05.24.2012 //

Good lord! John Fitzgerlad just put out the gnarliest little video part for a skate shop. Yep, not even a shoe or board company. Wow this kid is good. Check this out!

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05.24.2012 //

Part 3 of Arto’s Epiclt Later’d is now up. In this episode he talks about growing up with Ed and Geoff, having heart surgery, abandoning his Straight Edge childhood, and filming for Feedback. Good stuff!


Dekline Is Announcing A New Rider June 1st

05.23.2012 //

Can you guess who the new Dekline rider will be? They will announce June 1st.

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Osiris Enjoy Peter Raffin

05.23.2012 //

Enjoy the glorious nature that is Peter Raffin in this new clip of shredding, slamming and ruling courtesy of Osiris Shoes.

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Free Lunch with Bobby Worrest

05.23.2012 //

Bobby Worrest gets his nose broken, calls The Gonz to skate, has a new hobby and more on Free Lunch!

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Mike Anderson Welcomed to Cons

05.23.2012 //

Mike Anderson got the official welcome to the Cons program with this intro video, some photos and a write up on their site. Checker outtttt.

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Sebo Walker Lakai Pico Commercial

05.23.2012 //

Sebo’s the new dude on Lakai and he has a banger of a commercial now out for the Pico XLK.