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Jon Scianneaux Footage

05.17.2012 //

Dickies flow rider Jon Scianneaux has some gnarly left over footage. Check out his 5 minutes of raw skating.

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Element “Step On A Bug” Cruiser Boards

05.17.2012 //

Element just added a new addition in the cruiser board craze. Check out their new Bug Boards. Looks pretty cool.


Flip’s Ben Nordberg Video Release Date Set

05.17.2012 //

Flip is proud to announce the release of Ben Nordberg’s first full-length video part on May 29th @ 10am Pacific Standard Time on the Flip site.

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Arto Saari Epicly Later’d Part 2

05.17.2012 //

Aarto Saari Epicly Later’d part 2 is now live where Arto talks about finally making it to the States and the legend that is Tom Penny.

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Leo Romero Free Lunch

05.16.2012 //

Leo sits down for a free meal to chatter about living in a haunted house, brostyling, starting eswic, putting his nuts on Johnny Layton and various other goodnesses.

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Greyson Fletcher’s Does Gnarly Combi Bowl Gap

05.16.2012 //

Greyson Fletcher does gnarly gap at the Vans combi bowl…well, it’s to his ass but it’s still gnarly.

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Dolphin Days # 1 Video

05.16.2012 //

Check out this Dolphin Days number 1 video featuring Chima Ferguson, Sammy Winter and more. It’s pretty sick.


R.B. Umali Guest Deck on Zoo York

05.16.2012 //

Long time East Coast filmer and all round great guy, R.B. Umali has two new guest pro decks on Zoo York. Grab them at your local shop now.

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Jereme Rogers Most Fakie Flips In One Minute

05.16.2012 //

Selfish’s Jereme Rogers sees how many fakie flips he can do in one minute. Roger that!

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Brick Harbor Presents: Fred Gall Sober?

05.15.2012 //

The infamous and lovable Freddy Gall recounts the jail stint that has made him go straight and sober.


Flip’s Ben Nordberg Video Part Coming May 29th

05.14.2012 //

Flip skateboard’s Ben Nordberg will be dropping a solo video part on May 29th. Check back for more details.


Daniel Shimizu Now On Heroin Skateboards

05.14.2012 //

Daniel Shimizu gets a new board sponsor with Heroin Skateboards. Check out his welcome ad.