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Darren Navarette Free Lunch

05.02.2012 //

In this episode of Free Lunch, Darren Navarette gives away four Creature decks, beats Shaun White in a contest, regulates The Rumble In Ramona, and more!

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A Day In The World Park

05.02.2012 //

Soc Leal has put together some amazing classic footage of Shiloh Greathouse, Daewon Song and many more skating the World Park back in the early 90s. Check it out!

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Derek Fukuhara in Da Playground

05.02.2012 //

Derek Fukuhara has been killing it for years. This video is a small taste of how good he really is. Check him out killing KAYO’s Da Playground.

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Matix x Krooked Park Crashers

05.01.2012 //

Check out the new Matix x Krooked collabo line of apparel in action as some of the twisted minds from the two teams such as Daewon Song, Mike Anderson, Marc Johson and Auby Taylor showcase their stylings in this Active Park Crashers.

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Alec Majerus Volcom Teaser

05.01.2012 //

Volcom is dropping a full video of Alec Majerus this Friday. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect to see.


Escapist “Red and Yellow” Video Premiere

05.01.2012 //

Escapist Skate Shop is premiering their long awaited new video “Red and Yellow” on May 18th after Street League. See full parts from Sean Malto, Ryan Pearce, Josh White, Dillon Aguilar, Max Chilen and more. Check out the flyer and the trailer and make it out!

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Watch Future Nature Now!

05.01.2012 //

Element has posted their new video “Future Nature” on their website for everyone to watch for free today and today only. Go check it out!!

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Gilbert Crockett’s Pro Party

04.30.2012 //

Vans just put up a video and a bunch of photos from Gilbert Crockett’s pro party this past weekend. Check it out.

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Adventures with Chris with Alex Perelson?

04.30.2012 //

Alex Perelson was suppost to be in this episode of Adventures with Chris but somehow flaked. So Chris got ahold of the next best thing, his brother Brandon Perelson. Watch and hear stories about the 900 tail grab, handstand pushups, and why Alex might be a genius.

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May ESWIC Demos

04.30.2012 //

Eswic is having two demos in May. Check out the flyer for more information and come out to see Leo Romero, Ciro Foster, James Hardy, Ed Templeton, Stevie Perez, Dakota Servold and Donovan Piscopo

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Timmy Knuth DayLando Video Part

04.30.2012 //

Check out Timmy Knuth’s Part from the upcoming full length Florida video “Daylando”. Good stuff.

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04.30.2012 //

Omit’s Chris Cole, Kyle Frederick, and Trevor Colden shred a mini ramp at SoCal Skateshop.