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David Reyes for Thunder Trucks

04.30.2012 //

David Reyes has a gnarly video part for Thunder Trucks. Check out these hammers!


Element Future Nature Premier Photos

04.28.2012 //

Element’s Future Nature video premiered last night in Long Beach. One word…gnarly! Julian Davidson, Boo Johnson, Evan Smith, Nick Garcia and the rest of the Element AM squad crushed it. Here’s some photos from the VIP screening of the video.

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Comune New Team Launch Party

04.27.2012 //

Comune is announcing their new team in LA on May 19th at Kung Pao Kitty from 8:00pm – 12:00. Check out their new video and make it out to the party. There will be free food and drinks for all ages and Ethan Fowler’s band Green and Wood will be playing!

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2012 Dickies Skate Catalog Shoot

04.27.2012 //

Dickies is now officially in skateboarding after many many years of people wearing their product. Check out their new catalog video featuring Vincent Alvarez, Jim Greco, Kevin Terpening and Tom Remillard.

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Baker’s Weekend Warriors Vol 25

04.27.2012 //

Take a weekend journey to the center of the murk with some of the Baker Boys family like Bryan Herman, Shane Heyl, Lenoce, and more as they hit up the dirty streets as only the Baker fam can.

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Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett Debut Pro Models

04.27.2012 //

Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett’s debut pro models from Alien Workshop are hitting skate shops now. Be sure to support two of the heavy hittingest somebitches East Coast skateboarding has produced in quite some time.

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OSIRIS CHINA 2012 Part 3

04.27.2012 //

Taylor Bingaman, JT Aultz, Corey Duffel, and Jamie Palmore shred some street spots in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen for Osiris’s final China tour video. Check it out.

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04.27.2012 //

This week, Mikey Taylor and Davis Torgerson share Ryan Sheckler & Jereme Rogers party stories, Mike V. and Billy Marks recount a “fake” hockey fight that resulted in a broken nose, Daryl Angel falls into the LA river, Kelly Hart’s sponsor-me tape gets erased, Tim Gavin sweats and much more! Also featuring Jose Rojo, Taylor McClung and Torey Pudwill.

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John Cardiel New Chrome Bag Collection

04.27.2012 //

NYSB has a rad video interview with John Cardiel about his new bag collection with Chrome. An interview with John Cardiel…do I need to say more? Why are you not watching this yet?

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Rise Above Featuring Oscar Loreto Jr. Part 1

04.26.2012 //

Check out this really cool video about Oscar Loreto Jr. who was born with a congenital birth defect that hindered the development of his left foot and both hands. Oscar began skateboarding to prove to himself and others that he would persevere and rise above his challenge.

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Alex Perelson Destroying

04.26.2012 //

Watch this video of Real am, Alex Perelson, skating the DC/Monster ramp like it’s a red curb. Super gnarly.

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Scion RAT Tour – Stop #2 – Conroe, TX

04.26.2012 //

Conroe, Texas was the second stop for the Scion RAT Tour. Check out the local talent at the new Kasmiersky Skatepark.