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Altamont Palm Springs Demo

04.02.2012 //

Altamont clothing just put out a sick demo video from their trip to Plam Springs. Check it out!

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Lurkville Wheels Jermey Leabres

04.02.2012 //

Check out Lurkville Wheels “Roll With The Lurkers” video featuring Jermey Leabres shredding Memorial Park.

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Crailtap Top 5 with Daniel Espinoza

04.02.2012 //

Fast and Furious, Daniel Espinoza is the latest to get an honored Top 5 on Tha Tap

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Paradise Wheels – April Team Montage

04.02.2012 //

Paradise Wheels put out another cool little montage featuring Dave Abair, Zak Gonzalez, Doug Shoemaker, Brian Downey , Ron Allen, Fernando Covarrubias, John Lupfer, Andrew Dellas and more. Check it out.

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Rodney Torres New Torro Skateboards

04.02.2012 //

Today, after two decades of skateboarding and riding for various brands, Rodney Torres is starting his own company Torro Skateboards NYC. Check it out and support the New York skate scene.

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Etnies Nick Garcia Video Part

04.02.2012 //

Everyone’s favorite AM Nick Garcia just released an amazing video part. The kid has more hunger than many pros. With his speed and trick selection I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Nick Garcia pro models soon. Check back later today for an exclusive interview with Nick!

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Lakai Brandon Biebel ‘Just Kicking It’ commercial

03.30.2012 //

Lakai knocks one out of the park again with their new Brandon Biebel commercial for his new shoe “Brandon Biebel 3″. Check out what could happen to you if you get mad at your board.

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Nike SB Mr. Control it All Contest Begins

03.30.2012 //

Nike and Eric Koston begin the Mr. Control it All contest. Head over to the Nike site to see what your first challenge is.

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03.30.2012 //

DGK just came out with a sick, funny, and gnarly commercial for their new Ghettorama board. Check it out and have a laugh and then be amazed by the trick at the end. Good stuff!

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Tom Asta LRG x Zumiez Video Interview

03.30.2012 //

Learn some facts about Tom Asta from Zumiez and watch some gnarly LRG footage. Honestly, I forget how good this dude is!

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Weekend Buzz with Chad Tim Tim and Rob GONZALEZ

03.30.2012 //

Check out this week’s Weekend Buzz with Chad Tim Tim and Rob Gonzalez as they talk about poop, our staff photographer John Bradford, crews, and how they were “discovered”.

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Nick Merlino Golden Vagina Foundation Graphic

03.30.2012 //

Check out Nick Merlino getting surprised at Tampa by his Golden Vagina graphic for Foundation that was based off of a family heirloom.