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First Ever 1080 Landed By 12-Year-Old Skateboarder Tom Schaar

03.30.2012 //

It’s not everyday a 12-year-old makes history. That’s the beauty of skateboarding, they can. Tom Schaar just landed the first ever 1080. Check it out and have your mind blown!

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Wild Power Trailer

03.29.2012 //

Check this trailer out for a new independent video coming out with parts from Sierra Fellers, Nick McClouth, Forrest Edwards, Alex Gourdourous, Jeff Mikut, Tony Montgomery and more.

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Chris Haslam Tampa Pro 5 and 5

03.29.2012 //

Chris Haslam contemplates a life instead of skateboarding, the things he wouldn’t do to win Tampa Pro and then slays a quarter pipe in this 5&5 for Independent Trucks on

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New Russ Pope Art Show “Tax Included”

03.29.2012 //

Presented April 5th by Vans in Laguna Beach, come out and see some new work by Russ Pope with surprise guest musicians and

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Lance Mountain Dig and Drain Spitfires

03.29.2012 //

Check out the new Lance Pool Service wheels by calling and leaving a message for Mr. Mountain himself thus entering yourself to win some fine urethane. Details within.

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Free Lunch with Clyde Singleton

03.29.2012 //

Sit down and hear a tale or ten told from Ol Dirty Clizza himself. Wettin’ himself, skating naked, all sorts of goods in this episode of Free Lunch.

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03.29.2012 //

Check out Part Two of Real’s JohnnyKicksCancer!

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Josh Kalis Classic Clips

03.29.2012 //

Here’s some vintage Josh Kalis popping up tiles at Love Park and putting lines together better than a frickin’ fisherman.

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RVCA Europe presents Barney Page

03.29.2012 //

Check out Barney Page, the newest addition to the RVCA Europe team. Kid kills it.

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Adventures with Chris: Omar Hassan Part 1

03.28.2012 //

Vans all terrain beast Omar Hassan splits his time between Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California. In this episode we head out to Portland just days before the winter rain and gloom set in so Omar can get one last session at his friend, Jess’s, backyard bowl and Windell’s Skate Camp.

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Ashbury Commercial

03.28.2012 //

Ashbury Eyewear just posted a cool little commercial talking about art and shit. Who doesn’t like some stylish skating in Chucks?

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The Quiet Life Commercial

03.28.2012 //

Here’s a new commercial from The Quiet Life all in the rain. Also check out their new gear and a giveaway.