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Shit Skateboard Photographers Say episode 2

03.22.2012 //

The Crailtap guys threw up some leftovers from their first “Shit Photographers Say”. Just as funny and just as true.

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Tampa Pro 2012 Live Webcast

03.22.2012 //

One of the all time greatest contest, Tampa Pro, will be live on the world wide web this year. Check in with the Skatepark of Tampa this Sunday morning to watch the whole thing.

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03.22.2012 //

Check out up and coming ripper Josh Murphy’s part from the new Denver Shop video “Stakes is High”. Shits good!

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03.22.2012 //

Louie Barletta stopped by the DC Embassy in Barcelona and gave it his own unique kind of shredding. Watch it, smile, and go skate!

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Jake Brown Free Lunch

03.21.2012 //

Jake Brown sits down to tell the tale of waking up to 40 grand worth of poker chips in his hand at a blackjack table, Smolik getting chased off an island, how vert skating has been forced into a jock corner of skateboarding and more all in this Free Lunch from the Ride Channel.

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Hellaclips Exclusive Brick Layers with SALMAN AGAH

03.21.2012 //

Josh Kalis and Hellaclips presents another Brick Layers episode featuring the legendary Salman Agah talking about being Skater of the Year back in 1993.

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Danny Renaud Chicken Wing Time Machine

03.21.2012 //

Check out some unseen footage from Danny Renaud from back in the day courtesy of Theories of Atlantis and Mike Atwood.

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Derek Fukuhara Wood & Wheels

03.21.2012 //

Check out what kind of set up Derek rides that makes him so damn good.

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Vans Andrew Allen Week Day 3 Anti Hero and Spitfire Ads

03.21.2012 //

Van’s has been crushing the web content lately. Head back over the Vans site, if you’re not there already, and check out all of Andrew Allen’s Anti Hero and Spitfire ads. It’s always cool looking back on those. Andrew has been killing it forever!

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Geoff Rowley Talks Skating and Soccer

03.21.2012 //

Head over to the Vans site to read an interesting interview with Geoff Rowley talking about soccer and its ties to skating. Even if you’re not into that sport, there’s some cool facts. Such as the story behind his Flip part song “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


Altamont Demo and More

03.20.2012 //

Altamont has two demos coming up in Palm Springs along with some other videos, news and parties. Check it out.

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Gravis Quarters Arto Saari Commercial

03.20.2012 //

Gravis just put out a very stylish commercial of Arto and their new shoe the Quarters. Even more proof that Arto is just as good behind the camera as he is in front of it.