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Joey Brezinski & Ryan Sheckler Partner Up With Skate-For-Change

03.08.2012 //

It’s always great seeing skaters thinking of others and lending a helping hand. So Joey Brezinski and Ryan Sheckler headed out to Nebraska this past week to help the Skate-For-Change organization hand out baggies filled with socks, food and more to the local homeless population. Go out and start your own chapter of Skate-For-Change and make a difference in your community.


Element Make It Count – Berrics Westchester Plaza

03.08.2012 //

Bring a canned food good to The Westchester Berrics Skate Plaza in LA this Saturday for the Element Make it Count Contest! Its for a good cause! Watch the video here!


Sneak Peak At Our Autobahn Collabo Wheel

03.08.2012 //

Check out a sneak peak of our collabo Autobahn wheel that will be available this summer as part of a free giveaway when you subscribe to the magazine. We’re hyped.


Elijah Berle Day 4 Over At Vans

03.08.2012 //

Check out some childhood photos of Elijah and hear from the three photographers that shot Elijah’s three covers last year.

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Anthony Mosely Classic Clips

03.08.2012 //

Take a drive down memory lane with Bootleg Skateboards’ Anthony Mosely in today’s episode of Classic Clips.

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Kenny Anderson LA High Mini Top 5

03.08.2012 //

The man who landed the cover of our latest issue takes a moment to reflect on his favorite 5 tricks done at the front of LA High with Crailtap.

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SK8RATS at the SAMO Curbs

03.08.2012 //

Elijah Berle, Cory Kennedy, Logan Lara and Shane Auckland get their grind on at the Santa Monica curbs in this video that you should watch and enjoy right now and right here.

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Real Skateboards x 4Q Max Schaaf Special Release

03.08.2012 //

Max Schaaf got together with Oakland based artist Chris Wright to create a limited velvet flocked poster and 2 special release REAL X 4q boards, available now. Check out the video, these boards are definitely not shaped by Max.

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Enjoi Spring 2012 Catalog

03.08.2012 //

Check out the new Enjoi catalog full of communist pigs, vices, and other soon to be classics from the minds of Louie, Jerry, Evs and more.

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Free Lunch with Anthony Shetler

03.07.2012 //

In this Free Lunch, discover how a white kid from Massachusetts struggled and strived to one day become the 7th best black skaters alive, starring Anthony Shetler.

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Tim Brauch from The Vault

03.07.2012 //

A video interview and a sick part of the late, great Tim Brauch come together in this vintage Strange Notes gem. Never Forget!

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Terrell Robinson on Selfish Skateboards

03.07.2012 //

Terrell Robinson is now on Selfish Skateboards.