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Marius Syvanen Classic Clips

03.02.2012 //

From his fetal days on Shorty’s comes his episode of classic clips.

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03.02.2012 //

Will Kelly EVER go pro? What’s it like living next to Lindsay Lohan and sharing your name with a porn star? Does Taylor like his brothers? Weekend Buzz with Kelly and Taylor is live …

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Lance Mountain Pool Service

03.02.2012 //

Lance Mountain independently produced and directed this new NIkeSB “Pool Service” clip in which he and his construction crew including Grant Taylor, Peter Hewitt, Al Partanen and Alex Olson dig and build a pool for a family away on vacation, finishing and sessioning it just prior to their return.


Chromeball Incident Guest Board With Scumco & Sons

03.01.2012 //

If you’re a fan of the site chromeballincident.blogspot like we are, then you’ll be hyped to find out about the new limited collabo boards that were made with Scumco & Sons featuring the graphic from the Search For Animal Chin’s spoof “WeekendToday” segment.

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Windsor James Free Lunch

03.01.2012 //

Grinding on ladies, getting smacked by The Muska, wanting to smack the shit out of Chad Muska as a payback. All this and more in this new Free Lunch episode from Windsor James on YouTube’s Ride Channel.

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New Etnies Site and Tyler Bledsoe Video

03.01.2012 //

Today etnies launched its new website at with a nice little edit of Tyler Bledsoe skating in his latest pro model shoes, the Bledsoe Low. In the edit, Tyler proves you gotta get low to get high.

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Windsor James and David Reyes Mystery Parts Live

03.01.2012 //

Windsor James is welcomed to the pro ranks while David Reyes takes the reigns as Mystery’s newest amateur in this new Mystery promo featuring full parts from both of those fools along with montages from the rest of the team. It’s a banger.


Independents Raw Ams: Fritz Mead

03.01.2012 //

Check out Fritz Mead get some in this gnarly ass Independent Raw Ams clip.

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James Hardy’s Still Got It Commercial For Eswic

03.01.2012 //

James Hardy’s Eswic commercial lets you know that the giant redneck from Alabama has still got it.

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Crailtap’s Classic Guy Mariano Footage

02.29.2012 //

You can’t go wrong with some classic Guy Mariano clips. Crailtap delivers some sweet golden oldies from the man himself, Mr. Mariano.

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Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding: Curbs

02.29.2012 //

Jeff Grosso brings you another classic episode of his Love Letters to Skateboarding. This episode is all about curb skating and it features Lance Mountain, John Lucero, Julien Stranger, Brian Lotti and more. If this doesn’t brighten your day then you suck.

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Chris Troy’s Gold Wheel Commercial

02.29.2012 //

Chris Troy rips a line with some Gold Goons wheels.