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Mango Joins Welcome Skateboards

02.21.2012 //

Chris “Mango” Milic has a new welcome video for his addition to Welcome Skateboards.

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Fourstar’s Hawaii Four O Video

02.21.2012 //

Fourstar’s Hawaii Four-O. Featuring Brian Anderson, Tyler Bledsoe, Andrew Brophy, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Max Schaaf and Tony Trujillo

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Volcom Summer Tour Part 2: Malmo

02.21.2012 //

Part 2 of Volcom’s summer tour continues, this time in Malmo, Sweden with Rune Glifberg, Raven Tershy, Pedro Barros, Alex Perelson, Dennis Busenitz, Roberto Aleman

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Johnny Layton Week at the Vans Site

02.21.2012 //

Day 2 of Vans’ Johnny Layton week continues with part 2 of an interview with Nieratko about Johnny’s would-be career in baseball, getting on Toy and Vans, and the cover he got for us a few issues back at Pulaski.

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Austin Kanfoush’s Part from the OneUp Promo

02.20.2012 //

Quartersnacks got a hold of Austin’s part from the new promo from OneUp skate shop out of Pittsburgh and you should watch it. Guest clips from Jake Johnson, Ryan Harris and Dave Cole.

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Jason Hernandez EZ Handle V2 Video

02.16.2012 //

Nike film buff Jason Hernandez has a new video up featuring his EZ Handle invention for your DSLR filming needs and some random rippers from Austyn Gillette, Joey Brezinski, Justin Strubing and more.


Armourdillo x Bartie x Osiris Collab

02.16.2012 //

Check out the new Chad Bartie Osiris and Armourdillo Brand collaboration shoe and line of accessories you may have noticed in our latest issue.


Vans 5th Annual Man I Need Vans Game of SKATE Saturday

02.16.2012 //

Vans 5th annual Man, I Need Vans Game of S.K.A.T.E. is going down this Saturday 2/18 at Vans’ Skatepark at The Block at Orange. The winner of each division gets a year’s supply of Vans shoes! Registration starts at 12:00pm and the contest kicks off at 3:00pm. No registration fee, just the session rate to skate that day.

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Clint Walker Raw Ams Indy Video

02.16.2012 //

Birdhouse am Clint Walker has a gnarly new clip on Indy’s Strange Notes feed that you should feast your eyes upon.

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Full Sk8Mafia Video Now Online

02.16.2012 //

Sk8Mafia has posted their latest video release on their site with chapter selections and tons of extras for your eyes. Check it out and watch the streets get slayed by SD’s finest.

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Bjorn Johnston Welcomed to Element Australia Pro Team

02.15.2012 //

Element Australia welcomes Bjorn Johnston to the Australia pro team with a full-length video part. Bjorn was recently added to Krew and Supra as well.

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H.O.M.E.S. Midwest Skate Video

02.15.2012 //

Check out this independent video out of the Great Lakes States made by Jake Breed and some young up and comers.