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Todd Francis & Sean Cliver Silk Screen Prints For Sale

02.08.2012 //

Here’s your chance to get your hands on some limited Todd Francis and Sean Cliver silk screen prints through our friend’s, Seb Carayol, website. Read the post to find out more.


Nick Garcia & Julian Davidson Day Trippin’ Video

02.08.2012 //

Julian Davidson and Nick Garcia came up with this special set of Travel Well cruiser boards, called “Day Trippin’”. Designing them was one thing, but what came next was the fun part; hitting the streets. Nick and Julian headed off toSkate Camp, and took the long road to get there. From bombing hills and crushing rocks to flatground and mini ramps, these boards are truly all terrain vehicles.

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Where the Vox are We Parts 1 and 2

02.07.2012 //

Dave Bachinsky’s wild road trip across the country continues with part two with guest appearances from Dan Murphy and others. Dave’s currently in Big Sur camping and shredding whatever terrain the wilderness will allow. More to come!

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Osiris B-Sides Video

02.07.2012 //

Here’s some deleted scenes from Osiris’ roadtrip to Oregon featuring Taylor Bingaman and Caswell Berry. WIth special guest: David Gravette, James Brockman, Willis Kimble, Brendan Klein and Cong Lieng. Check it out.

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Vans Introduces Stage 4 Technology

02.07.2012 //

Vans introduces the Stage 4, skateboarding’s first-ever vulcanized cupsole shoe design! And check out this 10 minute video featuring Crockett, Chima, Pfanner and Allen ripping the streets trying out the shoes.

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Etnies Expands Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree to Brazil

02.07.2012 //

The Reforestation Project that Planted Thousands of Trees in Costa Rica in 2011 Moves to Brazil and Partners with Trees for the Future in 2012

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Bones Brigade Santa Barbara Premiere Recap

02.06.2012 //

Senrud writes a little recap of the Santa Barbara premiere of Bones Brigade: A Documentary.

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Ambig Zine 9 Now Live

02.06.2012 //

Coinciding with the launch of AMBIG Zine 9 here is a short clip that cross references some of the photography and content seen in the zine.

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5Boro Join or Die Pro Series Out Now

02.06.2012 //

5BORO NYC is proud to officially announce The Join, or Die Pro Series now available at local skate shops.

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Supra Presents Spencer Hamilton

02.06.2012 //

Not the first time, and definitely not the last, but here Supra presents to you Canadian heavyweight Spencer Hamilton.

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Lizard King Supra Passion Test Video

02.06.2012 //

Check out the finally healthy Lizard King hitting up the Baker Boys training facility testing his new Supra Pro Model the Passion.

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 12.10.29 PM

Rob Dyrdek and Ty Evans Collabo Super Bowl Commercial

02.06.2012 //

If you missed it during the Super Bowl last night, check out this commercial Chevy aired featuring Rob Dyrdek “kickflipping” a Chevy Sonic off a ramp and Ty Evans aka Skate Fairy directed.