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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Lunarlon Commercial

02.06.2012 //

P Rod discusses the new Lunarlon technology in the new Paul Rodriguez 5 in this Spot commercial for Nike SB.

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Corey Duffel and Ambig Part Ways

02.06.2012 //

In today’s press release, Ambig announced that they would be parting ways with Corey Duffel following an inability to meet an amicable contract renewal.

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DC Chris Cole Lite S Video

02.06.2012 //

Cole talks about his new shoe from DC that aims to have a lighter feel and more advanced design.

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FTC Promo Part 1

02.06.2012 //

San Francisco’s FTC posted a new promo featuring VX footage of guys like Jack Curtin, Delatorre, Marquise Henry, Karl Watson and more.


Alien Workshop Launches Web Store

02.06.2012 //

Workshop launched a webstore on their site where you can pick up all the AWS goods your local mom and pop shop sold out of already.


DanLu Week Over At

02.06.2012 //

Vans is starting a new regular feature on the their site where we focus on one rider for an entire week. They started off with their newest am Daniel Lutheran and a short interview with him. Check back later this week because there will be exclusive videos and photos from the filming of the Vans video. Also a sexy preview of Dan Lu’s episode of Adventures with Chris airing February 22nd.


Chromeball Interview With Tim O’Connor

02.03.2012 //

One of our favorite skate sites out there chromeballincident has a fantastic interview with the one and only Tim O’Connor. Start your weekend off with this great interview.

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Weekend Buzz: Slash & Anthony Schultz

02.03.2012 //

This week’s episode of Weekend Buzz features Brian “Slash” Hansen and Anthony Schultz. Wait until you hear what Slash has to say about Jon Allie. Wow. Check it.

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Good Luck Video Featuring Stevie Perez, Tony Karr & More

02.02.2012 //

Check out this video. “Good Luck” is a film by Derek Heydle featuring Lamare Hemmings, Cyril Jackson, Lalo Trejo, Graham Harrington, Val Arkenstone, Casey Morrissey, Tislam Smith, Tony Karr and Stevie Perez.

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Watch Lemonade with Cromer and Donnelly

02.02.2012 //

5 weeks, 10 guys, 1 van, 3700 miles, and one crazy accident to end it all. A cross country skate trip from South Florida to San Francisco with Brad Cromer, Nicky Lamarche, Jake Donnelly, Brian Downey, Brad Miller, Joey Ragali, Serge Murphy, Tony Huffnagle… Also featuring Dave Bachinsky, Ishod Wair, Robbie Brockel, and Jeremy Reeves.

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Danny Way Documentary Accepted to SXSW Festival

02.02.2012 //

Waiting For Lightning, the Danny Way documentary, has been accepted into the SXSW Festival where it will screen to the public. Check out the info and a new trailer here.

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Rob Gonzalez Classic Clips

02.02.2012 //

Classic Clips #31 features Rob Gonzalez from back in the New Deal and Popwar Skateboards days