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Dennis McNett’s “Wolfbat Shamans” Opening Reception This Saturday

02.02.2012 //

Vans is sponsoring McNett’s first solo art show in California in three years, “Wolfbat Shamans” will feature a large selection of Dennis’ woodcut prints, sculptural forms, wall installations, papier mâché and masks and will be on view at AR4T through March 24, 2102.

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BLVD Welcome Video For Jordan Sanchez

02.01.2012 //

BLVD welcomes new team rider Jordan Sanchez with this hot new clip.

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Circa Presents the Griz

02.01.2012 //

Emmanuel Guzman hits up legendary Santa Cruz Derby Park for this C1rca commercial for his new shoe the Griz.

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Bjorn Johnston on KR3W and Supra

02.01.2012 //

ONE Distribution is pleased to announce that Bjorn Johnston is the newest member of the KR3W and SUPRA Australian teams.


Luis Tolentino’s Long Ollie Contest At Magic

02.01.2012 //

FAMOUS in association with the Maloof Money Cup will be the title sponsor of the “Luis Long Ollie” contest at the Magic Trade show. Come see 1 of 15 invited skateboarders set the Long ollie record at the event.


Austin Poytner Wins Vans Am Protec Combi Contest

02.01.2012 //

Austin Poytner Wins Vans Am Protec Combi Contest and gets picked up by Ocean Current.

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Hellaclips Brick Layers Series: Shane Heyl

02.01.2012 //

Hellaclips’ Josh Kalis talks to Baker Skateboards’ Shane Heyl about who his brick layer is. Mr. Gino Iannucci.

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Steve-O & Elisabetta Canalis?!!!?

01.31.2012 //

Life works in mysterious ways…

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Jeff Lenoce 5 and 5 Video

01.31.2012 //

5 questions and 5 tricks from OG Baker Skateboards pro Jeff Lenoce and a special guest, Beagle.

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5Boro Join or Die Teaser 2 and New Pros

01.31.2012 //

The new 5Boro video is dropping Feb 16 and will see two new professional additions to the team. Check the trailer and see who the new pros are here.

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Where the Vox are We Part 1 with Bachinsky

01.31.2012 //

From Boston to MIA with Dave Bachinsky and some homies.

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Vans Introduces the Wafflecup

01.30.2012 //

Vans introduces the first vulcanized cupsole with their new Wafflecup designs. Check out the video of Dan Lu and his brother And-lu to see the shoes and how they skate.