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A Day In The World Park Part 4

01.30.2012 //

Socrates Leal brings you more rare and unseen footage from the old World Park days featuring Daewon Song ripping the mini ramp in face paint while Tim Gavin, Matt Schnur, Karl Watson and Chico Brenes watch.

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Ben Gore Ride and Relax Video

01.30.2012 //

Ben’s one of the most underrated dudes out there always killing it with flowy lines and crispy flicks. Watch this new edit of him crushing around SF courtesy of MIA Skateshop. This is why you support DIY shops.

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Interview with The Bones Brigade at Sundance

01.30.2012 //

Stacey Peralta and the whole Bones Brigade headed to Sundance to show their new documentary and they had time to do an interview while on the mountain.

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Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding: Tom Groholski Part 1

01.30.2012 //

Another great episode of Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding featuring Tom Groholski and tons of 80s backyard vert ramp footage.

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Shit Pro Skaters Say

01.27.2012 //

Crailtap whipped together a #shitproskaterssay video for us all to enjoy. ABD? Nah dude, NBD!

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Five and Five with Ryan Reyes

01.27.2012 //

Five tricks and five questions with Creature Rider Ryan Reyes.

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Quartersnacks Ishod Wair Remix

01.27.2012 //

The crew over at Quartersnacks have remixed Ishod’s Real: Since Day One part and added some b-side clips. Check it out. Like a bowse!


Weekend Buzz: David Loy & Nyjah Huston

01.27.2012 //

This week’s episode of Weekend Buzz features David Loy and Njyah Huston chatting about being little shits, winning big bucks, speeding tickets and more.

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Supra In The City Video

01.27.2012 //

The Supra crew rolls through NYC in this video segment featuring Ellington, Greco, Muska, Neen, Furby and more.

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Vans Half Cab 20th Anniversary, Supreme Edition

01.26.2012 //

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the greatest skate shoe of all time, the Vans Half Cab. In celebration of this occasion, Vans will be dropping one new and exclusive limited edition 20th Anniversary Half Cab colorway every month throughout the course of the year. Check out the details and a video about the shoe here.


Battle at Bixby 2 This Saturday

01.26.2012 //

Head to Long Beach this Saturday for a game of SKATE put on by Flip Skateboards and a few other sponsors. The contest is open to the public, but you have to register by Saturday @ 11:30am at Long Beach Skateshop.


Element “MAKE IT COUNT” Orlando Recap / Sacto on Saturday

01.26.2012 //

A recap and video of Element’s Orlando Make It Count contest, and info for the upcoming event in Sacto this weekend!