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Daniel Castillo’s iPhone Crailtap Video

01.19.2012 //

Daniel Castillo’s iPhone clips, featuring Daewon Song, Manny Santiago, Lil Shmatty, Ronnie Sandoval, Chris Roberts, Mike Maldonado, Jeremy Adams, Chico Brenes, Cooper Wilt, Daniel, Yoon Sul, Jon Fitisemanu, Paul Shier and Vincent Alvarez.

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Skate Mental Spring 2012 Catalog

01.19.2012 //

Skate Mental’s newest catalog is up with all sorts of warped ideas come to life on the bottom of seven plies, but don’t bitch cuz pussies get smoked.


Product Toss: Stance Socks Package

01.19.2012 //

Are your feet fugly? Are your socks thrashed to shit? Enter here for your chance at a box of sick, free socks from Stance.

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Six Stair’s Super 8 Skate Short

01.19.2012 //

The good dudes over at Six Stair have put together a sick little video of some unused Super 8 footage they have featuring Peter Hewitt, Lance Mountain, Salba, Remillard, Grosso, Navarette and Adam 12. Check it.

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Orion Welcomes Marcus Carr

01.18.2012 //

Orion Trucks added Marcus Carr to the team and have a video to showcase the new rider’s talents which you can view here.

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New Thunder Trucks Catalog and Videos

01.18.2012 //

Thunder Trucks just put up their latest catalog and have three new videos from Alex Perelson, Luis Tolentino and Ernesto Torres.

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JT Aultz Free Lunch

01.18.2012 //

In this week’s Free Lunch, JT Aultz discusses being in an induced coma, his first Real tour, Peter Smolik and more !

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Brian Delatorre DQM Interview

01.18.2012 //

De La’s got an interview up from DQM dealing with his new cover of our magazine, getting an iPhone, his daily routine and a bit more. Check it out.

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Brad Cromer Huf in LA

01.17.2012 //

HUF team rider Brad Cromer recently came out to Los Angeles to skate and hang out with the rest of the HUF crew. Here is some footage from his recent stay, featuring guest tricks by HUF team riders Dan Plunkett, Johan Stuckey, and Keith Hufnagel. Shot & cut by Martin Reigel.

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Ben Horton Memory Screened Interview

01.17.2012 //

Skateboarder contributor Seb Carayol got $LAVE Skateboards mastermind, Ben Horton, in the crosshairs for an interview, which you can check out here.

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Comune HO12 Video Lookbook

01.17.2012 //

Comune has a new video lookbook for their present collection, and a sick collection of random photos and their new line up on their site for your viewing pleasure.

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Mini Top 5 with David Loy and Matt Price

01.17.2012 //

D Loy and Matt Price break down the top 5 things about living with Mike Mo Capaldi