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5Boro Flow Trash Friday with Stan Karbine

12.23.2011 //

This friday’s flow trash from 5Boro is none other than Stan Karbine. Watch and enjoy it here.

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Cory and Bryce RVCA Video

12.22.2011 //

Cory Kennedy and Bryce Golder have a new video up on the outerweb from RVCA that you should check out. Also, Austin Stephens is the new RVCA team manager. Hone your shit talking skills, Austin.

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Epicly Laterd Menace Part 4

12.22.2011 //

Episode 4 of the Epicly Later’d Menace series heads to Rhode Island to catch up and pick the brain of Eric Pupecki.

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Vans Adventures with Christmas

12.22.2011 //

Off the Wall TV from Vans returns with the first annual Christmas Special in where else but Jersey?

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Happy Holidays from Kyle Walker and Ernie Torres

12.21.2011 //

Deluxe is spreading holiday cheer by giving away free stuff to shops and to kids at skateparks. First 10 kids to go into these two skateshops and ask about these special boards, win one for free. That’s 5 per shop. Watch the videos here and see where to go to get a piece.

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Ergo Spring/Summer 2012 Video Lookbook

12.21.2011 //

Transcend the delusions with the new catalog esque video lookbook from Ergo featuring Dan Drehobl, Andrew Cannon, Shawn Hale, David Loy, Norman Woods, Marisa Dal Santo, D’ontae Smith and Errol Langdon. And you know they gonna be mimes there!

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Imperial Motion Welcomes Raymond Molinar and Joey Pepper

12.20.2011 //

Imperial Motion welcomes Raymond Molinar to the team today with a signature pant soon to come. And while we’re at it here’s a video from Joey Pepper that’s worth posting of him cruising around New York City.

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Lost Etnies Footage from Down Under

12.20.2011 //

Sam Maguire has a batch of footage from the Etnies trip down under from a while back. Nick Garcia, Sheckler, Big Red, Kyle Leeper and more appear in this bangin’ homie clip. (Via Hellaclips)

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5Boro Holiday 2011 Lookbook

12.20.2011 //

Got a 5Boro batch of goods and videos up live. New Holiday lookbook with a video and a 5Boro minute with Mark Nardelli

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New Baker Boys Weekend Warriors

12.20.2011 //

Baker Boys is back with another weekend warriors edit with all the boys. The Goat, the Boss, Neen, Beagle, Ellington, Grecs, Braydon, Doughnut and more. Check it check it.

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Six Pack with Kyle Berard

12.20.2011 //

Strangenotes presents a six pack of tricks from Kyle Berard at Washington St.

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Jeff Grosso’s Love Letter to Footplants

12.20.2011 //

A little history into the footplant. Eric Grisham, Neil Blender, Duane Peters, and of course Jeff Grosso delve into the origin and the variations that came afterwards in this Jeff Grosso love letters to Skateboarding