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8th Annual Etnies Holiday Festival Recap

12.20.2011 //

The Etnies family hosted a holiday festival last week to give away shoes to hundreds of kids and have their team rip up the Skatepark of Lake Forest for them. Check out a little audiovisual recap here.

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New Dan Plunkett Huf Footwear Commercial

12.20.2011 //

Dan Plunkett has a new commercial for Huf Footwear with a sweet line.


Product Toss: Effigy Skateboards Package

12.19.2011 //

Enter your information below for a chance to win a box from upstart brand Effigy Skateboards.

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It’s Time to Get Chity

12.19.2011 //

Our old intern Tucker and his homies who run the Chity Blog out of Chicago put together a new video and it is available now. Check out the trailer and find out how you can get a copy.

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Mike Vallely Resigns from Powell Again

12.19.2011 //

Mike V put in his two weeks at Powell-Peralta again and I have nothing more to add about that.

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Chris Haslam Welcome to Bones Video

12.19.2011 //

For today’s Mo Mondays from Bones they have a short and sweet welcome to the team video with Chris Haslam.

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Rob Dyrdek Kickflips a Car

12.19.2011 //

Rob Dyrdek one upped the Gonz and said, “Bicycle? I’m going to kickflip a fucking car,” and went out and barrel rolled a Chevy something or other from ramp to ramp. Check the video here.

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SPoTLight Productions Year in Review Video

12.19.2011 //

Travel back throughout the year of SPoTLight’s many event throwings from Maloof Cups to Skateboarder’s LA Make A Wish, to Damn Ams and more.


Leo Romero plays some music…

12.16.2011 //

Long Beach nights are filled with things to do besides skating. After a long day of hucking yourself down stairs, why not come see one of the best skaters alive play music

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Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 2

12.16.2011 //

Part 2 of Ishod Wair’s Since Day One feature from Real Skateboards is now live. Ishod talks about when skateboarding completely took over his life with endless sessions and skate videos playing non stop.

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Machotaildrop Screening Tomorrow

12.16.2011 //

Saturday December 17th at the Art Theatre of Long Beach at 9PM, there will be a screening of the hit skate film, Machotaildrop.

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DLXmas Recap

12.16.2011 //

The countdown to Christmas continues and Deluxe has a video from this year up every day to celebrate DLXmas. Andy Roy Spitfire Lifer Wheel, Antihero in LA pools, Alex Perelson at Pro Tech, Alex Midler Known Associate, Hardy turns pro, and so much more.