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A Day in the Park with Jamie Palmore and Friends

12.16.2011 //

Here is a quick edit of a day in the park with Larelle Gray, Kellen James, Jamie Palmore and Joseph Mairena. Some warm ups and some bangers.

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DVS UK Welcomes Ash Hall

12.16.2011 //

DVS UK is please to introduce Ash Hall, as their latest addition to the team with this four minute video.

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Theeve Trucks Presents Trevor Ward

12.16.2011 //

Theeve showcases their flow rider Trevor Ward in this new clip of heavy shredding.

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House of Vans Coat Drive

12.15.2011 //

This Saturday, December 17th the House of Vans is hosting its Second Annual Coat Drive from 1pm – 6pm. There will be a best trick contest for cash and sneakers and live performances from DJ PF Cuttin and McRad. Admission to the event is a new or slightly used coat to be donated to NYCares.

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Happy Holidays from Mike Anderson and Krooked

12.15.2011 //

Mike Anderson and Deluxe hooked up Five Point Skate Shop in Ventura with some early Christmas goodies and decided to give the public a chance at the action as well. The first five skaters to go into five points and ask about the DLXmas gifts get a free Krooked board. DLXmas has started!

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Rediscover DC

12.15.2011 //

DC has big news coming up for the New Year. Check this teaser to see what that big news might be.

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Evan Hernandez Classic Clips

12.15.2011 //

Evan Hernandez stars in this latest batch of Skateboarding Classic Clips from Joe Krolick.

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Menace Epicly Later’d Part 3

12.14.2011 //

The series continues, this time with Pat O’Dell catching up with Javier Nunez at Supreme and a little bit from Stevie Williams.

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Osiris Catches Up with Jamie Palmore

12.14.2011 //

Osiris has a new interview up with their latest pro Jamie Palmore. They talk going pro, homies, Spain and more.

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Christian Slater Agent’s Calls Him About “Thrashin’” & “Gleaming The Cube”

12.14.2011 //

Funny or Die has posted a pretty funny spoof phone call from Christian Slater’s agent about their skate movie “Gleaming the Cube” being undercut by Josh Brolin’s “Thrashin’” back in the ’80s. Repeat, it’s not real but pretty funny. Enjoy.

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Sebo in Downtown LA

12.13.2011 //

Throw up the horns, it’s been about three minutes since Sebo got some online video coverage, so rest your testees, because here’s the newest installment from Gracias LA of the Seebs and his homie Brett shralping up Downtown LA at some spots you ain’t seen’t before.

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Neen Williams Pro for Deathwish

12.13.2011 //

It’s official and essential, the man with the best heelflip in the game, Neen Williams is pro for Deathwish Skateboards. And you know this mane.